Linear Reciprocating Tribometer (LRT)

Materials, coatings and lubricants often encounter situations involving repeated back and forth (reciprocating) movements during operation. Such situations are seen in various applications ranging from automotive to bio-materials for implants. These contacts may see a range of operating conditions from low amplitude, high frequency reciprocation to high amplitude and low frequencies.

The Ducom Linear Reciprocating Tribometer is designed to allow users to characterize tribological performances of materials and lubricants in a wide range of operating conditions ranging from fretting wear conditions to large amplitude linear sliding conditions. If can effectively be used to study bulk materials, coatings, lubricants and additives. The Linear Reciprocating Tribometer can accommodate a variety of sample geometries to create point, line and area contacts. Customized sample holders can also be provided for tests requiring conformal contacts.

This system is computer controlled and includes a data acquisition software that can be used to acquire, view and report results.

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