Automated Macro Indentation Tester (AMIT)

Change in mechanical properties of materials during service reveals health and integrity of components. In case of critical component in service, it is not always possible to extract standard test specimen for laboratory test. In this situation, in-situ nondestructive testing on in service components is required and the Ducom Automated Macro Indentation Tester is the instrument of choice in such cases. The Automated Macro Indentation Tester (AMIT) is designed and manufactured exclusively by Ducom Instruments and is distributed solely by a network of Ducoms’ authorized distributors.

The Automated Macro Indentation Tester works on recording of load-displacement characteristic of a ball indenter during loading and unloading of sample under test. This information with inputs like material data, Meyer’s constant and correction factors is processed to estimate following properties:

  • Hardness
  • Yield stress
  • Yield ratio
  • Tensile strength
  • Strain hardening constant
  • Fracture toughness

An indenter of desired ball radius can be selected depending on nature of material. When the test site is rough or covered with deposits, rust or paint, the target area can be cleaned before test with a grinder attachment. The Automated Macro Indentation Tester (AMIT) is software controlled.


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