High Temperature Grease Tester

The Ducom High Temperature Grease Tester is an excellent tool to determine the life of lubricating greases designed for operation at elevated temperatures.

The grease under test is filled in a bearing as specified by the ASTM D3336 and mounted on a spindle. The bearing is located in the elevated temperature chamber that is used to heat the test grease to the desired temperature and maintain the temperature during the test.

The test applies relatively light load and runs the bearing at high speeds. This determines the ability of a grease to provide lubrication to the arrangement at elevated temperatures over extended periods of time.

The signals from sensors are processed and transmitted to a computer. Here, test information is recorded and presented for analysis. The user-friendly software WinDucom for control and acquisition works on any Windows based PC. The software has three distinct sections, one for programming and setting up tests, second for acquiring and displaying real-time test data and the third is the CompariView mode, used to compare results of up to four tests.

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