Humidity Controller

Tribological properties of materials can greatly be influenced by humidity. Coatings like Diamond like Carbon (DLC) see great use in a variety of applications ranging from hard drives and automotive engines to biomedical applications. Each of these applications presents very different operating conditions which includes humidity conditions. DLC is also known to have friction properties that vary greatly with humidity. It is therefore extremely important to characterize materials for their tribological properties by including their performance dependency on parameters like humidity.

The Ducom Humidity Generator is a stand-alone system that can easily be plugged into any compatible Ducom Tribometer. This extends the capability of your existing or new tribometer to include the ability to carry out tests and understand material behavior under a variety of humidity conditions.

The Ducom Humidity Controller is capable of producing an output of dry or humid air to control conditions within the test area. A combination of dry and humid air is used to create an environment of the required RH. The Humidity Controller comes with a humidity sensor that is placed within the test area and requires oil free and dust free pneumatic input. The system is self-contained with respect to drying and humidification systems and requires very little maintenance. For proper operation, the tribometer is required to have a Humidity Controller compatible enclosure.

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