TriboScreen – Universal Tribometer

The most advanced universal tribometer on the market. Open platform design with options for users to self implement “add-on” customization.

The TriboScreen – Multi Function Tribometer can be used to evaluate wear, friction and mechanical properties of materials as well as test lubricants in sliding contact. The samples materials for testing can be chosen from a variety of configurations like (but not limited to):

  • Ball-on-disk
  • Cylinder-on-disk
  • Pin-on-disk
  • Cross cylinder
  • Block-on-ring
  • Block-on-cylinder
  • Ball-on-ring
  • Linear Reciprocating (Ball/Pin on Plate)

A large variety of contact geometry and sample holding arrangement allows the user to perform several material / component tests in sliding contact.

Test load, speed of rotation, operating temperature and test duration can be varied according to the users’ requirement. Further, the test parameters such as frictional torque, co-efficient of friction, temperature, wear, rotational speed and test duration can be measured and recorded during the test.

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