Rotary (Pin/Ball on Disk) Tribometer

The Ducom Pin/Ball on Disk Tribometer is a test instrument designed for accurate and repeatable tribological characterization of bulk materials, coatings and lubricants. Easily changeable holders allow users to quickly change the nature of tribological contact to something that is relevant to their application. A wide range of factory installed and field upgradable options make this system very scalable, ensuring years of unhindered research for various types of applications.

The Pin/Ball on Disk Tribometer by Ducom is used by hundreds of labs worldwide for all their material bench-marking and materials development needs.

In addition to standard configurations, Ducom also offers custom developed Pin/Ball on Disk Tribometers that are designed to meet highly specialized testing needs ranging from tests in exotic environments like pressurized helium or molten sodium to very high or low temperatures, loads and speeds.

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