Dry Abrasion Tester

Material removal or surface modification of components influence the ability of a system to perform its intended function. Studies show that systems and components lose their utility due to various causes. Obsolescence accounts for roughly 15%, breakage of components accounts for another 15%. Surface deterioration is responsible for an astounding 70% of components losing utility. Surface deterioration is further classified into wear and corrosion, responsible for 55% and 15% respectively.

Abrasive wear contributes significantly to losses attributed to wear. Selection of materials that are best suited to endure operation in a given scenario is an excellent way to cut costs related to repairs and replacement. The associated downtime related to such maintenance operations also adds considerable costs. The Ducom Abrasion Tester allows users to test materials for their abrasion resistance properties in accordance with applicable standards. This test system is capable of testing materials in dry abrasive environments (ASTM G65 ).

This system is suitable for evaluations in applications such as mining, drilling, ore transportation, agriculture, earth moving and others. Evaluation of materials and coatings using the Ducom Abrasion Tester can provide valuable R&D data, bench-marking of products and reliable data for marketing.

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