Pin on Vee Block Tester

The Pin and Vee Block Tester can be used to test a variety of test materials for their tribological properties. It is used for testing both dry lubricants as well as fluids like lubricating oils and metalworking fluids. It is also useful for testing materials and coatings that need to be tester for their wear and friction performance.

The system measures frictional torque and , and the maximum pressure it will withstand before the lubricating properties fail. This work can be performed at various temperatures. It operates by having a small, rotating, cylindrical pin squeezed between two metal arms with vee-notched blocks attached. The testing can be performed immersed in oil which is being heated to a desired temperature. It is also suitable for testing dry film bonded lubricants and additive packages.

This test instrument consists of rotating pin (journal) pressed between two stationary steel V-blocks. Load is applied to the V blocks by a ratchet mechanism. Ramping of load during extreme pressure testing is made possible by auto advancement mechanism of rachet. When testing tribological properties in fluid lubricants, the “Pin and Vee” blocks are immersed in lubricant fluid under test in a heated test cup.

Wear is determined as the number of teeth of the ratchet mechanism advanced to maintain load constant during the prescribed testing time. Torque – load diagram shows extreme pressure behavior of lubricants. Load at which the shear pin breaks or inability of ratchet mechanism to take up load automatically is defined as failure load.

Endurance (wear) life test of the film lubrication is measured by the length of time taken for torque to increased by specified value.

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