Low Temperature Torque Tester

The Low temperature torque tester is designed to determine starting (break away) torque and running of greases at sub zero temperatures. The test system is used to evaluate the tendency of various greases to offer resistance to the rotation of bearing at low temperatures (sub zero). Low temperature torque tests are of prime importance for aviation applications where equipment is required to perform without glitches in sub zero environments.

The test system consists of a test area where a bearing, with the grease under test is setup. When the test samples attain the desired temperature, the test commences.

The Ducom Low Temperature Torque Tester comes with the WinDucom software for data acquisition and display of results. This system can record torque. WinDucom software is used to present data in a variety of ways and CompariView provides a powerful tool to view and compare test results for evaluation.

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