Journal Bearing Tester (Advanced)

Rotor dynamics is of concern when the operating speeds and temperature rises. This situation calls for damping through oil pressure and temperature using journal bearings. Here, oil film pressure and temperature distribution depends upon several parameters like load, speed, clearance, viscosity, bearing profile and roughness. Ducom Journal Bearing Tester experimentally controls those parameters to investigate the applicability of variety of oils , bearing design and materials in heavy industries.

The basic test rig consists of a journal driven by a variable speed drive. Bearing under test is mounted on the journal has have 12 equispaced radial holes for the mounting of pressure and temperature sensors. Lubricant is pressure fed into the bearing with recirculating system. Radial test load is applied servo-pneumatically. Pressure and temperature of oil around the bearing are monitored through small radial holes. Frictional torque in the bearing can be measured with a reaction torque sensor.

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