Application Notes

Application specialists at Ducom are working to develop improved and innovative testing methods and techniques to characterize materials for various applications. Ducom applications specialists work together with customers to assist with new research ideas and innovative applications.

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Application NoteInstrument(s) UsedTag
Rotation and Oscillation at 900°CRotary (Pin/Ball on Disk) TribometerHigh-Temperature, Pin on Disk, Abrasion, Angular Oscillation
Abrasive Cut-Off WheelDry Abrasion TesterAbrasion
Biocompatible CoatingsRotary (Pin/Ball on Disk) TribometerBio Materials, Coatings, Pin on Disk
Epoxy CompositesGas Jet Erosion TesterEpoxy, Composites, Erosion, Air Jet
High-Temperature Wear MeasurementGas Jet Erosion TesterErosion, High-Temperature, Wear Resistance
NanocompositeRotary (Pin/Ball on Disk) Tribometer, Scratch Tester, Linear Reciprocating TribometerComposites, Nano
NanolubricantsFour Ball TesterLubricant, Nano, Lubricants, Additive, Carbon Nanotubes, CNT
Polyester CompositesRotary (Pin/Ball on Disk) TribometerPin on Disk, Composites, Polyester