NanoPro 3D – Non Contact Profilometer

Wear forms a very important aspect in tribological tests. In most tribological tests, the material under test is usually a pin or ball, and a counter specimen in the shape of a disk or plate of a significantly harder material is used. In such cases the best practice was and remains measuring the weight loss of the pin or ball at intervals during the testing.

However, in the process of developing newer materials, the practically achievable hardness limits of disks is fast approaching. In other cases tribological properties between specific combinations of materials is required. High temperatures also reduce hardness of most materials. For all such research the counter-specimen – i.e. disk or plate, is also a test sample and would be suffering significant wear.

Weight-loss method of measuring wear of the disk may not be feasible since the weight of the disk or plate is usually quite high and weighing balances with the resolution required for tribological tests and having the range to weight a disk are not practical.

Profilometers have been successfully used to measure wear formed on the track radius after test run is completed.

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