World Leaders in Advanced Tribology Test Instruments

Ducom Instruments was founded in 1978, and has grown to be an internationally leading manufacturer of test instruments for mechanical characterization of materials. Our range of products and services broadly comprise of:

● Lubricant Testers
● Tribometers
● Mechanical Testers

● Bearing Testers
● Surface Metrology
● Contract Testing

Over the years, more than 1500 laboratories across the world have chosen test instruments by Ducom for their research, development and quality testing. With the widest range of tribology testing instruments, including some of the most technologically advanced instruments in the industry, our products can help you study most situations where understanding wear, friction and lubrication behavior is important.

NEW! TriboChemist® - A new method for in-situ tribochemical studies.
In order to meet the very stringent emission requirements that will be introduced over the next few years, zinc-, phosphorus- and sulfur-containing additives, currently used in engine oil formulations, must be replaced by alternative, ecologically compatible additives.

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Product Updates and Application Notes

  • Application Note | Tribology of Biocompatible Coatings

    Metallic oxide layers offer protection against corrosion and in certain cases reduces friction and wear of biomaterials like austenitic steel (SS 316 L), Titanium (Ti) and Tantalum (Ta). Higher stability in oxide layers, for instance tantalum pentaoxide (Ta2o5) is known to improve the corrosion resistance of the Ta and finding its place in various biomedical […]...

  • Product Update | Universal High Temperature Tribometer

    The High Temperature Universal Tribometer can open new vistas in the study of interaction between materials. In addition to standard tribological tests such as pin-on-disk, fretting wear and scratch test, it can also function as a precision indentation device. Accurate measurements of friction, wear and loads are facilitated by sensors of multiple ranges and a robust design to ensure measurements remain unaffected by […]...