Welcome to Ducom Instruments

Advanced Test Instruments for Mechanical Characterization of Materials

Ducom makes test instruments for evaluation of all types of mechanical and tribological properties of materials. We are the leading supplier of tribometers to industry and academia for wear, friction and lubrication studies for research and quality assessment.

Intuitive Design

Ducom test instruments are designed with ease of use in mind. The intuitive TriboAcquire software allows users to quickly program instruments, monitor acquired results and publish reports.

Expandable Configurations

Most Ducom tribometers can be scaled by adding modules and options to expand testing capabilities. Start small and expand capabilities as your needs progress.

After Sales Support

Options for support based on your needs. Options include unlimited phone support, web support, on-site service support and annual maintenance contracts.

Meet us at the following events

04 (April)12Tribology Workshop by Ducom | Click to RegisterBangiMalaysia
05 (May)15,16,17,18,192016 STLE Annual Meeting & ExhibitionLas VegasUnited States
06 (June)7,8Lubmat 2016BilbaoSpain
06 (June)11,12,13,142016 NLGI Annual Meeting Hot SpringsUnited States
06 (June)14,15,16,17Nordtrib 2016AulankoFinland
08 (Aug)3Webinar | Rotary (Ball on Disc) Tribometer for Lubricant Testing | Click to Register

10 (October)18Tribology Workshop by Ducom | Click to RegisterKrakowPoland
10 (October)11,12Gulf Coast Conference HoustonUnited States